Welcome! For six years, 1979-1984, I was host of a San Francisco-Bay Area TV series, CREATURE FEATURES. I was preceded by Bob Wilkins, who first introduced the series in 1971 and carried through 1978. I say a mere six years . . . and yet all these years later the memories of the are thriving as never before. The devotion of you fans continues to amaze me.
I am thankful to all of you for remembering those wonderful years, and for attending our events, and for picking up on my DVD and book releases, which I try to refresh annually.The purpose of this website is to keep alive your memories of CREATURE FEATURES, which for 14 years was the most popular TV show in the Bay Area, and ranked highly among all the horror-host programs that predominated on American TV during those magical years. I intend to keep the mythology of the show alive as long as I can. And now, come on in . . . if you dare! Learn more about the history of CREATURE FEATURES, see many autographed photographs, and visit the Store of Horror where you’ll find many books and DVDs.

ALCATRAZ HISTORY True Or False 3-D By Anthony P. Anderson

Test your knowledge of the world's most notorious prison with this True or False book of Alcatraz history, spanning over 200 years! Learn of the Civil War period on the island when a fortress stood on top. Discover how the Civil War Fortress eventually became a Military prison for defectors and uncooperative Native Americans of the day. Experience the secret prison of all prisons, where the worst of the worst were sent, Alcatraz Penitentiary, which kept the likes of Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and Robert Stroud (The Birdman of Alcatraz). When the island closed in 1963, it lay dormant, until an important political stand for the Native Americans helped paved the way for a people holding strong to their culture in the Indian Occupation. Today, the island is part of the National Park Service and is home to a number of seabirds as they nest each year amongst the well-kept gardens of Alcatraz. As you test your knowledge of the island and its history, you can also experience it firsthand as you see it come alive with full-color 3-D photos, many of which will show you places even the public can't go. So settle back and see if you can gage your Alcatrivia and have fun peering through the prison in 3-D. PLEASE NOTE: Red and Blue 3-D, paper glasses are not included and may be purchased elsewhere on Amazon.

Haunted Haight™: Ghost and True Crime Tales from Haight-Ashbury and Beyond By Tommy Netzband

From the restless spirits of the murdered and lost to the dark entities and true crime tales that lurk in the shadows of the Victorian houses, this book will take you on a spine-tingling journey through the past and present of the Haight Ashbury. Netzband’s accounts are part personal paranormal memoirs and part supernatural historical essays. Take a wild trip down the Haunted Haight and beyond and discover the "otherside" of the district famous for the Summer of Love in 1967.

Ghost historian, local tour guide, and professional paranormal investigator Tommy Netzband reveals the bone-chilling secrets of one of the most haunted neighborhoods in San Francisco with originally researched ghost stories, many presented to you for the first time ever in print.

Learn about the real ghost stories of Haight-Ashbury and beyond.
Who is the grumpy old man that haunts his bar?
Who is the mysterious shadow man on Cole Street?
How is Haight-Ashbury so haunted?
Why does a ghost haunt Panhandle Park?
and many more...

Secret Reno: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure By Janice Oberding

With a well-known nickname like the “Biggest Little City in the World,” you might think Reno has no secrets. But you shouldn’t bet on that. For example, What is Reno’s connection to Mount Rushmore? How can you participate in a real-life cattle drive, see a shrunken head, or sip a glass of Picon punch in the midst of poltergeists? Arm yourself instead with Secret Reno: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure, and you’ll soon discover these and many more of the city’s secrets and lesser-known adventures.

How about a lazy day kayaking down the Truckee River? You might want to climb the world’s tallest artificial climbing wall, or take a stroll where the lynching of an innocent man occurred in 1892. But be warned—his angry ghost is said to haunt the location, occasionally harassing passersby. If you’ve donned your leathers and are all in for a bike ride, you might want to know that Reno has an annual motorcycle rally not to be missed.

Local author Janice Oberding loves to find adventure off the beaten path and be your guide to unconventional, but worthwhile, exploration. All you’ll need is here in this book about the Biggest Little City’s secrets.