Launched in July 2016 on the now defunct internet radio station FCC FREE RADIO, ECTO PORTAL was live every week for 2 hours ,presenting fascinating paranormal stories, news and related music, along with our other regular, Linda Walker.  We offered live guests and interviews and discussed more than just paranormal investigations, but lore, legends and different approaches to all things unknown.  We featured stories on historical hauntings, bigfoot, UFOs, aliens, magic, healing, psychics, time travel, etc.  No topic was taboo (and we found some that even surprised us), as we shared and learned all about the unknown.


We continued on after the station folded, doing shorter episodes during COVID lockdown and beyond.


We took about a year off and then, decided to return to our show. We have been hard at work in the last year prepping and preparing to come back bigger and better than ever! Now we are all set and hope you will stick with us and interact, let us know what you wish to hear, if you have stories to share that have not yet been revealed, or wish to possibly be a guest, let us know!


Sit back and welcome back to a new journey into the UNEXPLORED, UNEXPLAINED and UNKNOWN world of ECTO PORTAL!