Anthony Anderson (Host)

I have been a paranormal investigator for over 14 years and am currently Vice-President of the SAN FRANCISCO GHOST SOCIETY (Est. 2008), and an author of ALCATRAZ HISTORY True Or False 3-D.


I was a featured expert on the Travel Channel's "Legends of Alcatraz", Comcast's San Remo Hauntings, Eye On The Bay's visit to SAM's CASTLE, and helped create paranormal events around the Bay area. My investigation specialty is EVP work (electronic voice phenomena) and I am currently the Host of the long-running (over 5 years!) paranormal podcast, ECTO PORTAL with Co-Host, Verna Wilson. I am at work on two books related to the paranormal and always researching and making new discoveries to share on the podcast. I have volunteered on Alcatraz for over 5 years and explored both the island. Its rich history and secrets.  I have investigated around the world besides the USA, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Romania, Germany and Prague.


Anthony, below BRAN CASTLE (BraČ™ov, Transylvania), where his ancestors, The Habsburg's, are rumored to have imprisoned Vlad the Impaler (the real inspiration for DRACULA) for 2 months in the dungeon.